Wednesday, November 05, 2003

A Night With The Sandman...

A couple of fairly vivid dreams last night... one was about an ex-girlfriend. So those are always good. In the other, KYLE and I were going somewhere, and we kept finding little green worms on our shirts, one at a time. Then later, I heard a chirping or chomping sound, and realized they were all over the inside of my shirt. Suddenly, I was at APPLEBEES (imagine that) and ran into the bathroom, ripped off my shirt, and tried to shake them off. But some of them were sticking to me like leeches, so I had to pull them off one by one. Grossed out yet? I was. Looks I'll spend today interpreting that one. Ewww.

Otherwise, watched the first half of LETTERMAN. The whole monologue was about the baby. He had pictures, and actually named it after his Dad, Harry Joseph, I think. Regis was on there, and they're always funny together. He asked Dave why he didn't name the kid Regis. LOL

Some interesting facts they brought out in the shuttle special last night on HC:
- In 1985, NASA hoped to launch 60 shuttle missions. In reality, they did 9.

- It was originally advertised that payloads would be put into orbit for $100 per pound. The actual cost was, and still is, closer to $10,000 per pound.

- The first four shuttle flights included ejection seats for the pilots. But larger crews made the seats impractical.

Seems like there were plenty of warnings in both disasters, but they were ignored. Someone on the special said that overconfidence seemed to be a problem, too. I don't know. I just remember watching the Apollo story. There seemed to be a do-whatever-it-takes attitude to get them home safely. Yet in the Columbia tragedy, I don't think they ever even told the astronauts there might be a problem with heat shield damage. Definitely, both tragedies are events where you'll always remember where you were. I was in Mr. Hare's science class when another teacher came in and told us about Challenger. Then, earlier this year, I was in Memphis when I woke up to the news of Columbia. I had just had my wreck the Friday night before.

I pulled out my MILLI VANILLI album last night. Can you tell? LOL OK, I'm off to search "worms, dreams, interpretation"... CLEEK!

"Gonna blame it on the rain, cos the rain the don't mind. And the rain don't care. You've got to blame it on somethin'. Blame it on the rain that was fallin. Blame it on the stars, didn't shine that night. Whatever you do, don't put the blame on you. Blame it on the rain... yeah, yeah..."

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