Monday, November 17, 2003

Add: JFK

Blogging away while somebody somewhere is wondering, if 50 Cent won two AMA's last night, does that somehow add up to a dollar?

It looks like the blog is finally cycling into the search engines. I had a hit for "Andy Griffith Citizens Arrest DVD" and "Bone Thung" for when I said this last week: "I buhnth my thung." ROFL What the crap is Bone Thung?

More KENNEDY stuff is on HISTORY CHANNEL tonight. They are doing something every night this week I think, at 7:00. Saturday is the 40th anniversary. I think tonight they are mostly looking at the assassination and conspiracy stuff. I used to be very skeptical of the conspiracies. But now I just think that was being very naive. The more you see, the more you read, you just about have to believe there was a conspiracy. There is way too much information. Too many people, witnesses and such, died untimely deaths. Check out this site for a list of those, and other stuff.

We were talking about it at work today. One of the ladies mentioned the movie, JFK, which, believe it or not, I never saw. Hard to believe, huh? So I think she's gonna bring it and let me borrow. It's like 4 hours, so I'll probably watch it this weekend. There's a ton of websites with different information and stuff if you search for "Kennedy assassination". Some pretty scary stuff. It will at least make you think. Of course, in the Nixon tapes which were released, he admits the Warren Commission's report was the biggest hoax "that has ever been perpetuated."

Anyway, it's interesting stuff. You should read for yourself and formulate your own opinion. And be sure to watch tonight.

"Oh baby you... you got what I need. But you say he's just a friend. You say he's just a friend..."

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