Thursday, November 06, 2003

Blog Jam

Seems like most everyone is late getting in today, most likely due to the 18-wheeler accidents on I-65 this morning. There were some logs spilled onto the road. Last I heard, northbound traffic was still being diverted off at 334, down 67, to 31 in Decatur. So that's probably why some of the bloggers are late this morning. Knowing KYLE, he probably saw the tie-up and decided to go back home. LOL Speaking of that, I did that once at college. Couldn't find a decent parking place, so I turned around and went home. LOL Of course, it never took much to get me to skip class. Ahhh, those were the days.

So what has been going on around here? Well it's been slow this morning, which is a welcome change from the past couple of days. KYLE informed me of some good news yesterday. JESSICA is starting to work up at APPLEBEES. I'm not sure if it's just as a second job or what, but it'll be good to see more of her. I thought I saw her Tuesday up there. I saw a waitress up there and commented to Kyle, "That looks like Jessica...but it can't be." Her face was mostly hidden by the computer, then she went into the back and I never saw her again. Guess it was her after all.

Watched part of the CMA's last night. Didn't get to see some of the performances I really wanted to see (AJ and Buffet, Tim doing "Red Ragtop", or Strait). I did get to see the Johnny Cash tribute, which gave me chills. Great to see Kris Kristofferson out there. Don't see him that often anymore. Alan Jackson's speech at the end was really good too. The most bizarre part to me was when Rascal Flatts tried to give the Group of the Year award to Alabama. Randy and Teddy just sat there for like 15 seconds, then they looked at each other like "What are we supposed to do?" or "Do we really want/need this?" I'm not sure if they were stunned, offended, or what.

I think I'm ready for the cold weather. At least for a couple of weeks. LOL I want to drink hot chocolate and wear warm clothes and cuddle up by the fire with someone special. I wish I had a fire. LOL Or someone special for that matter. Good grief. This line of thought is going nowhere. LOL Woooooooooo!!!

"Up, up and away, away from me. But it's all right. You can all sleep sound tonight. I'm not crazy, or anything. I can't stand to fly. I'm not that naive. Men weren't meant to ride, with clouds between their knees..."

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