Monday, November 03, 2003

Phase One: Blogspot del Bone

Wow, I'm spending waaay too much time online today. Just read JEREMY'S blog for the first time in awhile. Looks like he's still having some health problems. Several of my friends and I have had some health issues lately. I hope and pray everyone will be OK. Just looking at site stats. This is the sixth day for the new blog site. Have received 118 hits. Big ups to J-MO and KYLE, the perennial top two referrers. Here's the last breakdown:

J-Mo - 26
Kyle - 24 - 5
Fake Peterman - 3
My AOL homepage - 2

Hope your Halloween went better than this guys's. Good grief. lol

In other news, I need to add links for Namie's blog and Fake Peterman's blog, too. Will try to do that later. Looks like someone just had a fender bender down the street from the compound here. I'll check it out and report back later.

"There's not enough of me, yeah. There's way too much of you. I think I saw some happy people yesterday, and that'll never do..."

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