Friday, November 14, 2003

No Quiero Viandas Mexicana

As I continue to mutilate the Spanish language. This is scary. I actually do like Mexican food. No Chinese though... blech!

In other news, things are wide open at work today. It's crazy. So basically, if anyone out there was ever thinking of calling in a bomb threat to the compound, today would be the day to do it.

Somehow, last night, we got off on the subject of buying gifts. KYLE mentioned a three-month membership to the gym. Then we got off on OVALTINE, and of course, I was reminded of the SEINFELD where JERRY mentors BANIA, so I started rolling off some of that episode. "Why do they call it ovaltine? The mug is round. The jar is round. They should call it Round-tine." And KYLE was like, "That's gold, Jerry, gold!!!" ROFL


"Come Monday, it'll be alright. Come Monday, I'll be holding you tight. I spent four lonely days in a brown LA haze, and I just want you back by my side..."

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