Friday, November 21, 2003

Friday recap

Blogging away while somebody somewhere is wondering if I spent half as much time working on a relationship as I do memorizing Seinfeld lines, playing video games, and blogging... uh... where was I going with this?

Typical evening of BILLIARDS and APPLEBEES. No surprises here. Played ten games of billiards. Won five, lost five. I think I can clearly see progress though. Used to, if you lost your turn and your opponent had two or three balls left, you were fairly confident you would probably get another turn. That's not so anymore. You start watching some chick playing Ms. Pac Man or text messaging on your phone, then you look up, and the game is over. Trust me. lol WES, BELLE, NICHOLE, and JANIS were all working tonight.

At APPLEBEES, sat with DAVINA. I had the appetizer sampler. Just about everyone was working--DONNA, BETH, KELLY, ABBY, KRISTINA, VIRGINIA, JADE, DEVIN, and others. MARK also came out and chatted for awhile. It was ABBY'S last night. She's moving back to MINNESOTA. More celebrity look-a-likes from tonight. Saw a man who looked like a cross between Dustin Hoffman and Julian Lennon. lol

The sky has been so clear the past couple of nights and the stars have been so clear and beautiful. I could stand out there all night and look at them. Well, it's getting late and I'm getting sleepy.

"So I'll sneak out that door, couldn't stand to see you cry. I'd stay another year if I saw a teardrop in your eye. Heard it in a love song. Heard it in a love song. Heard it in a love song... can't be wrong..."

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