Sunday, November 02, 2003

Productivity: Undetectable

Today was non-productive in the sense of getting anything done around the house. lol BUNNY called. She's doing good. Her mom is still up there visiting her. She'll be home for a week at Thanksgiving, which can you believe is three and a half weeks away? My goodness, time is flying by! Watched some football and part of the race this afternoon. DALLAS came on at 3:00, but I had to leave to go to church before halftime. So I am sitting here now watching the second half of that game, even though I know Dallas won, because the end of the game was on at APPLEBEES. Went up there to eat after church. KYLE also came up there. Sat with BETH. She was talking about the 80's themed Halloween party from last night, and I was asking what she and JESSICA wore. Turns out Black Eyed Susan played the party, so that was interesting. KYLE and I also discussed making the BUFFALO BILLIARDS thing a semi-regular event. I can definitely see that happening. I could live in NASHVILLE, definitely.

Anyway, back to AB's... KRISTINA was working. Hadn't seen her in a long time. MICHELLE, JADE, and KELLY were also working. KELLY appeared to be over my comment from a couple of weeks back, so I was glad of that. lol I had the southwest steak skillet. JADE was talking to us and I was like "Well, let's go. We've got to get to the thing." ROFL Then as we were leaving, she was like "Have fun at the thing." And I was like, "Oh the thing is gonna be great!" lol Obviously, there was no "thing." That's about all for now. Monday is approaching fast. RUN!!!!!!!!

"Well I sit here all alone. No one's gonna do me wrong tonight. Seems I've been thru it all, and there's no one I can call to get it right. And everywhere I go, everyone seems so settled in and sure of where there going. I don't know what I need, since I've been freed..."

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