Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Going 'Dental'

We use the phrase 'going postal' to describe someone who for various and sundry reasons has decided to shoot up the place where they work and cap some of their co-workers. Well, since dentists have the highest suicide rate of any profession, I have decided to copyright a new phrase. 'Going dental' will now be used to signify anyone who has committed, or attempted to commit suicide. I can just see the news interviewing the person's co-workers. "So what happened?" "Well, he seemed like a normal guy, kinda quiet. Then one day he just went dental and went over Niagra Falls." There, now that we've got that settled. LOL

Had MCDONALD'S for lunch. Double cheeseburger value meal. The fries were gooooood! Work was a bit busy. Caught up a little on some non-vital stuff that I was behind on, but still needed to get done. Just gotten started on LAUNDRY. So it pretty much looks like a typical Tuesday. Man, it is SO NICE outside--sunny and 76! It's gorgeous. I must fight the urge to nap and go running. I must, I must, I must...

"The things we take for granted in this life we lead are tragic. We should be ashamed. He left his home and family, and cast his fate across the sea. Would we do the same? POW three sixty-nine. I salute you from this heart of mine. Thank you for placing your life on the line for me. I'm free..."

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