Friday, November 07, 2003

Bloggin' Bout Billiards, Beth, and the Bizarro World

Late gettin' in last night (nearly 11:00), so no time to blog. Here's a recap... Went RUNNING around 4:30. Came home, showered, then went to eat dinner with my sister. She had cooked. Went straight from there to KYLE'S. We went to shoot pool. NO ONE I knew was working. It was like Bizarro Billiards. I recognized like one guy, but the lady who took our order didn't know us. She charged me for my tea. Urgghh! You work so hard to obtain "regular" status at these places, den dey bus'-up wit sum all new staff. Anyway, the billiards seemed to be better than the last couple of weeks. The cues are getting progressively worse, however. I think we've contributed enough money to that place that they can afford some new cues now. I won 4 out of 6 games, even though KYLE set me up a couple of games by scratching on his ball, giving me ball in hand on the 8. LOL Anyway, either they're gonna have to start scheduling some regulars on Thursdays or we're gonna have to change billiards night.

Exchange of the night:
"If (certain event happens), I don't know what I'll do."
"Oh I think I know. Probably the same thing that I would do if (certain event happens). There'd be one less person on the face of the Earth." ROFL

Other funny quotes:
"Well, I can't drive home now."

"She can smell it."

"She would like you."
"Yeah, she was all talking to you that one night, man."
"Oh yeah." ROFL

"Are you not gonna sit down?"
"I don't know."
"No, he thinks it looks gay."

Cruised up to APPLEBEES after that. Sat with DONNA. BETH was up there by herself so I went and sat by her. We got there about 9:00 and didn't leave until almost 10:30. JESSICA was training and came to sit down after she got off. so KYLE ended up sitting between her and her friend, JENNIFER, chatting with them. Turns out JENNIFER went to high school with BUNNY. Anyway, I couldn't hear most of their conversation, cos BETH and I were like on the end. BETH was all like, "They're gonna wanna go home, and I'm ready to go out." I was like man, if I didn't have to get up at 5 AM. Anyway, she's a sweetheart. I did ask DONNA about Jennifer, from Bizarro Us, for KYLE'S benefit. She said that her and her husband had just separated. He had moved out, and Donna hadn't seen her lately to know if they were still apart. Man, that sucks. I think the thing that scares me most about marriage is that my wife will just freak out and want a divorce. I mean, to me, once you make that decision, then all your arguments are discussions from then on out should be "How do we work this out", not "Can we work this out?" But of course, it takes two making the effort, working as a team, not against each other. But marriage is probably still awhile off for me. However, if something unexpected develops, at least I do have a wedding singer lined up. LOL

Also found out NATALIE is leaving to go to MADISON in a week or two. So we decided to slide JESSICA into her slot in the rotation. So it now stands at: DONNA, DAVINA, BETH, JESSICA, KRISTINA, and TONYA. Anyway, for some reason, KYLE was in a hurry to leave. I was thinking, "Dude, we're sitting here talking to three hot chicks and you're in a hurry to go home?" I dunno. But he was my ride, so we had to go. LOL Speaking of the Bizarro World, the "Bizarro Jerry" episode of SEINFELD was on when I got home. That's a classic.

J: "Kramer?!?!"
K: "Hey buddy!"
J: "It's eight o'clock in the morning! What's going on?"
K: "I'm cookin' breakfast. I gotta be in at Brandt-Leland by nine."
J: "Why?"
K: "Because I'm workin' there, that's why."
J: (rubbing his eyes) How long have I been asleep? What year is this?"
K: "Jerry, I don't know if you've noticed or not. But lately I've been drifting...aimlessly."
J: (snapping his fingers) "Now that you mention it." ROFL

"Someday I'll find a way to shine. Leave all these rainy days behind. I know there's got to be some place warm and bright for me. I'm running out of places I can run. Looking for a place in the sun..."

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