Sunday, November 09, 2003

Life at the Proj...

Just chillin at the proj today, watching some football, flipping over to the race once in awhile. The TITANS are creaming the DOLPHINS right now, 21-0, at the half. DALLAS comes on later, I think. Went to church this morning. Went to get some KFC for lunch. Last night, after work, I happened upon the LUNAR ECLIPSE accidentally. I was looking up at the clear, starry sky while driving along. LOL And I was like, the moon's almost gone. There was just a tiny sliver showing. So I wondered if it was a total eclipse or whatever. I hadn't heard anything about a lunar eclipse. But when I got home I saw it in the news headlines. Cool.

In other news, went to APPLEBEES for dinner last night after work. Sat with DONNA. DAVINA, TONYA, KRISTINA, NATALIE, CHARITY and KELLY were up there, as was the cute hostess chick, who shall remain nameless, because of "the reason." LOL I had a cheeseburger. My stomach hasn't been feeling great lately, so I didn't want to do anything spicy. KYLE came up there, too. We talked about playing some billiards, but he was all tired and stuff from staying out late in Birmingham the night before. I guess this rejuvination of youthfulness I've experienced hasn't affected everyone. The weather has cooled down the past couple of days. I need to go RUNNING, but I tweaked my back Friday on my way home from work and it's bothered me the past two days. But it's feeling a lot better now. Still, I don't think I'm going to run today. Let it get completely well.

"I am everything you want. I am everything you need. I am everything inside of you that you wish you could be. I say all the right things at exactly the right time, but I mean nothin to you and I don't know why..."

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