Thursday, April 01, 2004

It was a bright, cold day in April...

...and the clocks were striking thirteen. - George Orwell, 1984

When it's time to blog, I sometimes get nervous. I feel pressure. What will I title this entry? What lyric will I use at the end? Then, I try my best to relax, close my eyes, pop a couple of pain pills (what?), and then let the blog write itself. The thoughts flow from my cerebral region, down thru the complex system of motoneurons and dendrites, across synapses left and right, to my extremeties, and from there they are relayed directly to the qwerty keyboard at a top speed of 75 words per minute, thus producing the polished product you have before you.

Let's see, today is April Fool's Day. So be on guard. Some favorite pranks...
- Take someone's keys and move their car down the block
- Switch the men's and women's signs on a busy public restroom while it's occupied
- Superglue a quarter to the sidewalk
- Grease the toilet seat (yuck!)
- Recreate the Hindenbergh tragedy by filling a large container with hydrogen, putting it in your vehicle, and then lighting the container just as you drive off the side of a high, well-traveled bridge. Oh wait, wrong subject.
(IYROOBTY does not condone, approve of, or encourage the actual use of the aforementioned pranks. We will not be held responsible for damages, legal problems, or broken marriages that may result from the use of one or more of the above. Any questions should be addressed to the law firm of Pennypacker, Vandelay, and Varnsen, New York, NY 10056)

A few tax glitches today. My main full-time employer had my SS# wrong on my W-2 forms. I ended up owing on federal, so I got with the secretary and changed up my W-4. Oh well, maybe I won't get audited. What's that Seinfeld bit? IRS... kinda sounds like Toys-R-Us... surely it can't be that bad. LOL

Got a much needed nap yesterdee. I haven't been getting to bed until 12:30 or 1:00 most of this week, and getting up at 5:20 is rough. Got in bed around midnight last night, so that's a little better. Had a nice dinner prepared by the folks at Don Miguel last night... one of their gourmet El Charrito masterpieces. Mmm. Watched a little bit of Letterman. That little 4 year old girl was SO cute, Sahr Singh, or whatever the crap her name was. I love little kids, when they're behaving. lol May go by Dad's today and cut the yard, if it looks relatively dry. And biliards will happen sometime tonight, in all probability. Ok, enough. Lunch time!

Blog come-on line #14: "I like a girl who's not afraid to show off her archives." What?

"Straight up, what did you hope to learn about here? If I was someone else, would this all fall apart. Strange, where were you when we started this gig? I wish the real world would just stop hassling me, and you, and you, and me..."

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