Tuesday, April 27, 2004

In the news...

Today's news... some wacky, some interesting...

Testing the ground clearance of a train

See? This is the kind of research I'm interested in. What? I love this quote, "He must have been very drunk to have slept thru all of that."

Explorers plan quest to search for Noah's ark

That's pretty interesting. I guess better they spend money searching for this than going to Mars looking for little green men.

Woman wants Billy Joel to pay for damage to her house

Well, at least she'll have a story to tell her grandkids when she's 93. Oh wait, she's already 93. Come on, Piano Man, get it together. "We're livin' here in Allentown, and he's knockin' all the houses down..." OK, I know, corny. Best I could do.

And last, but not least, Weathermen could be fined for wrong forecasts

Leave it to the Russians to give us this brilliant idea. I'm all for it. They have no responsibility. "Well, we're gonna have six to eight inches of snow this weekend. Oops! It didn't snow. Sorry. Guess I was wrong. Oh well."

Random Seinfeld quotes:
K (dressed as Santa): "Ho ho ho! A racing car set? Those are assembled in Taiwan by kids like you. And these Coleman pigs, they sell it at triple the cost."
kid: "But I want a racing car set."
K (talking low to the kid): "You see kid, you're being bamboozled. These Capitalist fat cats are inflating the profit margin and reducing your total number of toys."
kid: "Hey, this guy's a Commie!"

K: "You better zip up. I couldn't get the top on the convertible up."
E: "But it's cold out."
K: "Yeah. Just wait till we get on the Expressway."

"It comes down to reality, and itís fine with me, cos Iíve let it slide. Donít care if itís Chinatown or Riverside. I donít have any reasons. Iíve left them all behind. I'm in a New York state of mind...

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