Thursday, April 08, 2004

A clear, starry night

There have really been some beautiful nights here lately. I need to take time to enjoy them more. Pretty busy this afternoon. Went by to get my hair cut, went by the bank, came home and crashed on the couch for a few minutes. Then I went running. Took a shower and headed to town. Shot a little pool. Saw LeeAnn up there. Fortunately, over-tanned Fabio-hair guy wasn't taking up a cover charge tonight. Went to Applebees. Sat for a bit. Donna brought my lemonade. She was pretty busy. Five or ten minutes passed and she still hadn't taken our order, so we did a walk out. Went to Logan's. Sat with Brandi. No freebies though :-\ I think I saw Laura working up there. I wasn't sure if it was her though, or if she would recognize me, so I didn't go over. lol After that, I went to Books A Mill to pick up a birthday card. Tomorrow is Jessica's birthday.

As I was going out to go running, some of the neighbors were sitting outside and I realized one of the girls is a (fairly cute) teller at my bank. I was like, "Don't you work at the bank?" She said, "Yeah, I waited on you today." She's waited on me at least ten times, and I've seen her a couple of times around here, but for some reason, I never realized it was the same person. Oh well. That's neat, I guess. She was like, "Do you have a pool table?" I said, "Yeah." She was like, "Well you better get ready to have some company." I'm not sure what that means, so I quickly went inside and closed the door. What? ROFL

There were a very high number of kids, like 12 and under, at The Brick, which led to their being a couple of cute moms up there. One of the kids asked Kyle, "Can I have your wallet?" I was like, you should've said, "Sure, in exchange for your mom's phone number." ROFL Other humorous randomness:

"Man, those were the good days."
"Eh, they're still good.... well, they're still days."

(kid whining at a nearby table)
"That's why I don't have kids right there..... well, that's not the main reason." ROFL

"What's yours is yours. What's mine is mine. Is that all that's left, after all this time? Who's gonna hold me tonight, when I'm feeling lonely? Who's gonna show me the light, cos I need to know? With all the things we've got, how can love just stop? Tell me. Somebody help me understand..."

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