Monday, April 12, 2004

Word O' The Day

My friend, Bunny (aka Lil Bootay), has a unique talent for creating new words. Today, she created yet another, which I thought I would share with you. I will do so now.


Sluh tay' shuhs (adj.) origin, southern Virginia.
1: Of, pertaining to, or having at least some of the qualities of a slut.
2: Attractive, in a saucy sense. (comb. slut+delicious). Ex. "In her low-cut top and tight jeans, Kyle found Scarlotte quite slutacious."

There ya go. Happy bday today to Dave.

"You never see bank robbers pictures at the bank. Their pictures are at the post office. Why? They're not robbing the post office. They know people at the post office will shoot back." - G. Wallace lol

"I've already given up on getting thru. I never question who I'm talking to. So much for nothing, but nothing means so much. I know it's touching, but I feel out of touch..."

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