Wednesday, April 07, 2004

These Pretzels Are Makin' Me Thirsty

Actually, it's tortilla chips and salsa, but nonetheless, that is the episode of Seinfeld that is on right now. "Was Mia Farrow there?" "I didn't see him." ROFL

Just winding it down on a Wednesday. Today was sooo nice, so naturally, I didn't do anything outdoors. lol Left work about an hour early to make up for last Friday. I could get used to that everyday. Jessica "popped in" to see me this afternoon. She took me to the steak house for dinner. That was nice. Shane and Kyle called to say they were filming something in Nashville Saturday, so I will probably go up there, stand by a camera, fiddle with the aperture settings and other knobs. That's always fun. I'm sure we'll head downtown to Buffalo Billiards at some point during the afternoon.

Went to Jack's tonight to take the money for the Bama tickets. Paige is expecting in October. ("What's with all these people having babies?" "Perpetuation of the species." lol) Well, they were talking about baby names, and Jack (jokingly, I think) wanted to call it Deuce. lol We're football fans, OK? So I agree with him and Paige is like, "See, if you had been on my side, I would've let you use the baby some to take around and pick up women." LOL What is up with that? I suggested the name, Seven, of course. LOL And when I left, I called her Lily. Those are Seinfeld references, of course, so if you don't get them, well, don't worry about it.

"Hey George, Lily."
"No, it's Susan."
"No, no, it's Lily."
"I think I know my own name."
"Well.. you look like a Lily." :-D

I can really do without the Midol commercial which begins, "You're wearing a bikini on your period?" Really, is that relevant? Can't we limit those to Lifetime, HGTV, and maybe the Soap Network, or something?

A suggestion for Hardees: Just give it up. No one is eating your crappy burgers. Thickburgers, thinburgers, starburgers, whatever. Invisible burgers. That's what you should try. Just close up after breakfast. You'll save on labor costs.

The Reds won tonight, 3-1. WOOHOO! Hey, it's early. I still have hope. I wanna go to a game this year.

Random quotes:
"It'll make them think you're sensitive and they'll like you even more."
"Or, some at all."

"Look around your world pretty baby. Is it everything you hoped it'd be? The wrong guy, the wrong situation. The right time to roll to me..."

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