Friday, April 02, 2004

Friday Five archives

No FF again this week, so since I haven't been doing it that long, I dug one out from their archives from last April.

1. How many houses/apartments have you lived in throughout your life?

Um, well let me count here. Eight, I think.

2. Which was your favorite and why?

I guess it would be the last house we lived in before I moved out, because I had a room with outside entrance, so it was like a little one-room apartment, kinda like Mike Seaver had on Growing Pains when he moved above the garage. lol

3. Do you find moving house more exciting or stressful? Why?

Um, stressful. Not really stressful, just a pain. Why? It's just too much work.

4. What's more important, location or price?

Well I'd say location. But in reality, you can only afford what you can afford. I guess it usually ends up being a compromise both ways.

5. What features does your dream house have (pool, spa bath, big yard, etc.)?

Um, full-size pool table. That's the main thing. A pool would be nice, I guess. A basement, with a big-screen TV to watch sports on. Maybe I could have the pool table down there. A solarium-style dining area. Second floor balcony. That's all I can think of. Oh, and an elevator. The guy I used to work for had elevators in his house. Sweet. Eh, I guess all that's nice, but really, love grows best in little houses. Just a loving wife, good kids, and a few pets. That would be nice. Might have to settle for just a few pets. ROFL

"One more day down. Everybody has those days. One soft sweet song's just enough to clear my head. Fall on real life. Is anybody left there sane? If we slide on over and accept fate, then it's bound to be a powerful thing. If it's just that you're weak, can we talk about it?"

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