Tuesday, April 13, 2004

One second

That's how close I came to having a wreck this morning. I was going to the post office and to the store for my mid-morning snack and I look up to see this car zooming across the street right in front of me, running the (two-way) stop sign. Then the lady driving looks around like "What's going on? Was that a stop sign? Why aren't YOU stopping?" I didn't even have time to put on my brakes. If I had been one second earlier, she would've plowed into me. Why can't you people drive?!!?! That'll shake you up for a minute right there.

In other news, it's cooooold outside. Rainy, windy, and about 40. Feels colder though. I guess it's the winter we never had.

I watched a little bit of the "100 Greatest Stand-Ups" countdown on Comedy Central last night. They're doing twenty a night, I think, with the top 20 on Friday night. Who will be #1? Cosby? Carlin? Seinfeld? Carrot Top? What? ROFL

"I feel fine enough, I guess, considering everythingís a mess. Thereís a restaurant down the street, where hungry people like to eat. I could walk, but Iíll just drive. It's colder than it looks outside. Itís like a dream, you try to remember but itís gone. Then you, try to scream but it only comes out as a yawn..."

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