Thursday, April 29, 2004

I'm not sure I was ready to have my own blog...

Sometimes I feel like Kramer in The Merv Griffin Show: "I tell ya, it was a grind trying to fill ten hours a day. I'm not sure I was ready to have my own talk show set."

Well, the Reds Chernobyl-like meltdown last night makes Tuesday night's incident look like some overcooked popcorn in the microwave. Up 9-1 after five innings! We end up losing 10-9. Unbelievable. Why do I keep listening to the games? I guess that's just the Billy Mumphrey in me, a little cockeyed optimism. Mercifully, the first round of the NBA playoffs are winding down. Few of the series have been even remotely competitive. I'll post my thoughts on the second round once those matchups are determined. I'm sure you'll be waiting with bated breath.

Yesterday was muy productivo. Called Jess to check on her Mom. Surgery went fine and she even got discharged later in the day. After work, went over to Dad's to cut the yard. Managed to slip in about an hour nap before church. While I was cutting the grass, I noticed a strange, rather tall plant growing near the front porch. Now I'm not expert on the subject, but it looked like marijuana. So I'm thinking Dad's got some volunteer weed springing up by the porch. Unfortunately, I'd left my commemorative Snoop Dog Girls Gone Wild bong lying beside my Blogging For Dummies manual on my chest of drawers at home. (j/k) Anyway, I'm not sure what it is, but if anyone wants some, I guess I can let it go for $100 a stalk. What?

There have been no more whistles or yells from teenage girls passing by on the street lately. Maybe they were part of some girl-scouts-gone-wild low-level street gang or something. I don't know. I need to wash my truck. There is white bird poo near the bottom of my driver's side door. How the bird managed to hit that spot, given the slight convexity of the door, is a mystery to me. I can see him up there with the other birds in the flock going, "Watch this."

Dinner last night:
Jeno's frozen combination pizza... 99 cents
12 oz. can Sun Drop soft drink... 49 cents
28 grams of fat, 700 calories, and feeling the carbonation burn as it goes down... priceless.

Well, I wish I had more to say, but you're probably glad I don't. Guess I'll get back to what I've been doing for the past 12 years--longing for the sequel to Pure Country.

"Close your eyes, girl. Look inside, girl. Let the sound take you away..."

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