Saturday, April 03, 2004

Good news, billiards fans...

Bought a Billiards Digest last night, since the new issue was out. Looks like ESPN and ESPN2 are greatly increasing their billiards telecasts this year. They will be doing theme-based programming. April 12-16 will feature "Chicks With Sticks", and April 26-29 will feature Mosconi and other legends of the game in classic matches. Also, the majority of the ESPN2 telecasts are going to be between 10 AM and Noon and 4-6 PM Monday thru Friday, so fans can get in the routine of seeing pool at a set time. ESPN is also considering doing some live tournaments once again, which will be great!

Some good tips, as usual, in this month's issue. "The vast majority of missed shots are related to stroke delivery, not aim." And this month's Dear Jeanette question could've been sent in by me. The guy was saying his biggest problem is concentration. He does well for awhile, but eventually his mind drifts off and he makes basic mistakes. Loss of concentration. That's me, right there.

Still no word on when the Delta Classic that we attended is going to be aired. WPBA hasn't updated their TV schedule in awhile. I did find an updated TV schedule on

Happy stroking!

"We spent the summer with the top rolled down. Wished ever after would be like this. You said I love you babe, without a sound. I said I?d give my life for just one kiss. Live for your smile, and die for your kiss. Remember yesterday? Walking hand in hand. Love letters in the sand. I remember you..."

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