Monday, April 19, 2004

/End blogging hiatus

Blogging hiatus total time = 41 hours. Welcome back, David. Shall we play a game? What? A strange game, the only winning move is not to play. (/end War Games flashback)

I'd classify it as a good weekend. After work Saturday, had lunch at AB's. Sat with Davina, leading to this funny:
"I don't drink this early in the day... or ever." (Hey, it made Davina laugh, and isn't that what it's all about?)

After that, went to Wilson Morgan and hit some tennis with K. Wow, I haven't played all year, and it showed. It was good to get some sun though. There were hot single mothers all over the place up there with their kids on the playground. (OK, I just assume they were single, since they were up there by themselves... lol) What is it about the curves that make women so attractive? Seriouslah. I suggested to K that he call and see if he could go get Kailyn and bring her up there, since I always read in his blog how he takes the baby around the mall to try and get women to talk to him.

K: "Eh, I can't have her bring the baby up here just so I can pick up women."
J: "Why not? That's what they're for." ROFL

After tennis, ran the track. Then came home and washed my truck. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I didn't have an audience in the street. LOL Got ready and headed to the Jazz Factory for some pool. The place was fairly empty. Must've been something going on somewhere else that I didn't know about. Several hotties there though:

J: "Why didn't you say anything to those girls?"
K: "Well I stood next to them to see if they would say anything, and they didn't. You can't just go up and start talking to girls." ROFL

Dinner at Logan's. The hostess girl was on the phone and finally she was like, "Is anyone helping ya'll?" I said, "Yeah, you." The girl who waited on us must've been on speed or something. She was talking very fast and asked us if we were ready to order like 3 times in the span of 90 seconds. However, she did give me a free salad, so that was good. She also looked like she could've been Rob Thomas' sister. Speaking of sisters, Bobbie's sister was working up there, so I walked over and said hello to her. Christy was working, too. She is always hanging out at ab's and she was like, "Aren't you in the wrong restaurant?" LOL Yesterday, watched some of the NASCAR race. It just keeps getting better... or worse. The freakin' track came apart during the race, and they had to hold up the race for like an hour. Inexcusable. Ordered pizza for dinner last night, which means I'll be having pizza for dinner tonight, and tomorrow night.

"It aint layin' in the dark and wonderin' why she hasnt called, and now it's 2 AM. It ain't bold face lies or alibis that cannot be explained. I might not know what love is, but I know what it ain't..."

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