Monday, April 05, 2004

Shalom, my friends

Wow, I didn't blog at all Sunday. Lots has been going on, so let's recap some: Jessica and I went out for dinner Saturday night. Then we went to Target for a few minutes. That is quite the weekend activity. After that, decided to go by and see Matt's new house, so I called to see if it would be OK if we came by. Tim was over there and they were watching "Tears Of The Sun." So, we got the tour. Jessica noticed this framed cross-stitching that was hanging on his bedroom wall, that said, "Shalom." ROFL We all got a big laugh out of that. I have no idea why he had that, nor why any guy would have a cross-stitched anything on the wall of his bachelor pad, nor why it was Jewish. Matt's not Jewish. lol Oh well.

I really felt the effects of the lost hour Sunday. Add that to the fact that I didn't get in bed 'til at least 3 AM, and Sunday after church I pretty much came home and collapsed on the couch for about two hours. Watched some of the race. They had a close finish. But they had like 3 cautions back to back to back near the end. That wasn't good. After church last night, I decided just to come home. Went running. (Already LOVING the extra daylight!) Then I hit the hut (aka, ordered a pizza and breadsticks). lol They were out of pan pizzas. What's up with that? Then I was talking to Jessica and she said she went to KFC last night and they were out of chicken. Period. What the crap? Why even stay open? Might as well lock up and go home. What do they say at the drive-thru, "Welcome to KFC. We're completely out of chicken, but would you like to try a tasty side item or an icy cold Pepsi?" Watched some of the Orioles/Red Sox game last night. Nice to see Pedro get beat. Also watched the Fred Rogers special that was on PBS. Can you imagine touching that many people in your lifetime? Got in bed about 11:30, which is earlier than I've been to bed in a couple of weeks.

Today is one of the best days of the year, Opening Day in baseball! Sure, three games have already been played (which I don't completely understand), but still. ESPN and ESPN2 are showing games all day and all night. The Reds (my team... hey, at least I'm loyal) are on TV at 1:00, I think. Might leave work a bit early to go watch that. I usually get tired of baseball after a couple of months, but the first few weeks are great. I love going to games, minor league or major league, gettin' a hot dog and coke, and just being outside on a summer night. I need to get in a rotisserie league this year, but all the ones I have seen are not free. I'm not paying. I'll have to see if I can find me a free one.

NCAA basketball championship game is tonight, of course. UConn against Georgia Tech. Who do you like? I think it easily could go either way. Tech has been playing great, and UConn is probably the most talented team in the nation. I think UConn will pull it out. We'll see.

Oh, I forgot one bit of suckage from the weekend. After work Friday, there was just one lady here by herself. She couldn't figure something out, so she called me. I had to drive all the way back down here, and about five minutes before I got her, she got it figured out. Urrrgghh!!!

Recent funnies:
"Hyperthyroidism... or goiter."
"Goiter? Oh, you don't want that!"

"That girl looks just like Melody except with blonde hair."
"Oh, that's her sister." LOL

"I'm a woman, so it's only natural for me to confuse you."
Amen to that!

"Ah, we're just having a good time."
"I'm not sure that's gonna stand up in court. Well, your honor, we were just having a good time."

We watched some of the Friends video the other night. One of the many funny moments is when Michelle's hiney gets all up in the camera and Kyle is like, "Uhh. Michelle. Don't... uhhh. Well. Eh, you'll see that later." ROFL

Wow, that was a long entry. I guess all I can say is, shalom, my friends. Shalom :-)

"I'm sorry but I'm just thinkin' of the right words to say. I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be. But if you'll wait around awhile, I'll make you fall for me. I promise you. I promise you., I will..."

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