Monday, April 05, 2004

Morning News

Remote alert!!! Jerry Seinfeld on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight on Comedy Central.

Wal-Mart overcharges 800,000 debit and credit cards

Oh man, I swipe my check card there like it's going out of style. OK, I just checked. I had no transactions on March 31.

Stripper Mom gets 3 to 15 months in jail

Wow, that is just wrong. Gives a whole new slant to the term "balloon animals." What?

Three million gallons of raw sewage flow into river

Those Texas people always have to do everything "big." I like this quote: "Take the worst thing you've ever smelled and multiply it by 10." lol And this, "The force of the flow launched at least eight manholes skyward." That reminds me of The Pothole episode of Seinfeld.

"And you know you better watch your step, or you're gonna get hurt yourself. Someone's gonna tell you lies. Hurt you down inside. Don't do me like that. Don't do me like that. What if I love you, baby? Don't do me like that..."

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