Thursday, April 22, 2004

85 percent of all homeless ricksha businesses fail within the first three months...

That percentage has to be similar for blogs. Looks like we've lost a couple more bloggers, at least temporarily, so I adjusted the links a little. The blog services should set up questionnaires, sort of like a job application. "What was your last long-term blog, and how long did it last?" "Why did you stop blogging?" Oddly, Bre stopped blogging just days after Kyle said he approached her at the Kids Expo. That's odd... or, not the first time something like that has happened. What? WOOOOOOOO!!!!

Man, I'm on like 4 hours sleep today. Bags under my eyes. I look like Walter Mondale in the final hour of a seven-day sleep deprivation experiment. Today was Take Your Sons And Daughters To Work Day... seriouslah. One of the ladies brought her godson to work. That was neat, I guess. Of course, I don't have any sons or daughters... at least none that know my current address. What? I would think there would be some professions where you probably shouldn't take your kid along. CIA, maybe. Prostitute. That probably wouldn't be such a good idea. Porn star. "Daddy, that's not Mommy!"

The cute teller said my name as soon as I pulled up to the window today. Oddly, I couldn't remember her name, so I just said, "Hey." LOL Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! Geesh! OK, I think I'm going to take a short nap.

"The Luge is the only sport I've ever seen where you could have people competing in it against the will and it would be exactly the same. Just take a guy off the street and toss him in... aaaaaaahhhhhh... aaaaahhhh.... World record. Didn't even wanna do it. Oh, he pointed his toes. This is a tremendous athlete here, ladies and gentlemen." - J. Seinfeld

"It says, turn around you fool. You know you love her more and more. Tell me why, is it so? Don't wanna let you go. I never can say goodbye, girl..."

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