Thursday, February 12, 2004

"Those aren't my underwear!!!!"

It's a pretty scary thing when you're putting up laundry, and you find a pair of briefs in there, when all you ever wear are boxers. Ewwwww!! How the freak did that happen?

That's almost as scary as being at someone's house, going to the bathroom, and when you flush, the water starts coming UP! LOL

More birthday stuff...

"Eighty-six the candles. I'm scared of the bright lights."

Kyle got all the Applebee's girls to sign my birthday card. That was pretty cool. Chatted with Amanda for a bit tonight. Had a message from Amy on my machine when I got home. Got calls earlier today from Tiffany, Jen, my aunt, and Melody. I'm sure I'm leaving someone out. But thanks for all the birthday wishes the past couple of days. It was great to hear from everybody. Got to see Beth and Donna tonight. Jessica (#3) was up there eating, too, and gave me a big hug. She was lookin' really cute. I think my thither ith going to take me out for dinner tomorrow night.

Random (disturbing) exchange:
Me: "So what are you doing for Valentine's Day?"
Beth: "Working. A double."
Me: "Really?"
B: "Yeah. What are you doing?"
Me: "Nothing."
(awkward pause)
B: "Yeah, I'm working. Why would I want to sit home alone and be depressed all night?"
(another awkward pause)

What's that you say? Oooooh!!! It was at THAT POINT that I was supposed to say THAT?! Oh!!! Well, at least I'll know next time. lol

Don't forget the Friday Five, manana.

"Well I guess it's been a good year, for roses and aggressions, for flowers and freeways. And I guess I'll put a smile on. Get a new girlfriend. Yeah, put a new hat on..."

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