Monday, February 16, 2004

DefCon 1

Oh man, you don't even wanna know how busy work was today. We had major computer problems over the weekend. Our main computer crashed. So turns out we've lost probably 25-40% of our files. Tough to say for sure right now. So we're like on CompCon 1 until further notice, which means:

1. No fun and a lot more work for me.
2. Greatly reduced time on the internet. (which is closely related to #1)
3. No easily accessible exits. (Seriously, they locked the doors today)
4. A maximum of fifteen minutes for lunch.

I may be going in Saturday and/or Sunday to work over and try to get everything straightened out and reloaded. I've had a splitting headache since about 9 or 10 this morning. There's just so much to get done, ASAP, you know. Our computer guy doesn't help things. He delivered our new comp today, so after he left I spent the next two hours trying to actually get the computer working. He knows nothing about the settings and such, so half of them were screwed up once he left. He makes $125/hour. Yet I have to go behind him to actually get things functioning? Something's wrong there.

OK, I want to forget about work until tomorrow. Let's see, what else? Watched a large part of the Daytona 500 yesterday. It was maybe the most boring NASCAR race I have ever watched. They seriously need to change things back how they were a few years ago. It's like the first four cars running in line, nose-to-tail, for the last 20 laps. That's excitement right there. Oh well. Ran by the Establishment of Tasty Delights and Cute Watresses last night after church. Sat with Beth. Kyle was sick as a dog. Man, he's been sick for awhile. I'm still suckin' down V-C's to try and ward off the funk. Came home and watched a bit of the NBA All-Star game. Wasn't all that exciting either, truthfully. I mean, you can only watch Shaquille O'Neal dunk so many times, right?

Funny from Saturday:
"Something is wrong with this picture: Three girls have called me tonight with no plans for Valentine's Day, yet here I sit with you." ROFL

Watched a couple of Seinfelds last night, too--"The Handicap Spot" and "The Old Man."

George: "What I don't get is, just because the battery is dead, you'd think she'd be able to roll up the hill with her hands!"
Kramer: "You'd think."
George: "I mean, batteries have gone dead before. Aren't they prepared? Must be one of those rich, spoiled handicapped people, who didn't want to do any work, and just wanted to sit in her wheelchair and take it easy." ROFL

K, sorry about the long blog hiatus. I'll try to be more creative lata...

"Though you haven't made your mind up yet, I would never do you wrong. I've known it from the moment that we met. There's no doubt in my mind where you belong..."

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