Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The blog entry you've all been waiting for...

I have no idea what that means. I'm running out of titles.

Kinda busy yesterday. Had about 20 things to do. Got about 5 or 6 done. Finished laundry. Cleaned up the house a little. Temps are supposed to be in the sixties Thursday and Friday. That would be really nice. Heard from Bunny. She is getting moved into her new condo, with her new roomate. Flying into Nashville next weekend, so we'll all have to try and get together, although it conflicts directly with our WPBA trip.

Went by to see my sister and she was flipping channels. I saw some billiards on and I was like, "Go back!" She flipped back and I was like, "Oh, Ralph Souquet and Francisco Bustamante." She was like, "I'm not believing you know their names." ROFL WOOOOOOOO!! What? I thought everyone knew The Kaiser and Django.

She had bought me the movie, Naked Gun 33 1/3, awhile back, and gave it to me last night. I love all three of those movies. K came to town last night and we ate at the Steakhouse. I had the hamburger steak. Good, as always. Why do other places find it so difficult to properly cook a steak to order?

Nightly funny:
K: "Well, I've got to try and get some sleep.... 10 hours a night just isn't enough." ROFL

Why does everyone remark about Nelly being my IM icon? I dunno. Everyone thought the blue "Be Mine" heart was geigh. I can't win. lol

"Here we go again, ashamed of being broken in. We're getting off track. I wanna get you back again. I want you to trouble me. I wanted you to linger. I want you to agree with me. I want so much, so bad..."

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