Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Daily funnies, weirdness, and some birthday wishes

A big happy birthday to Meredith today!!! She is 24, I think? We had sort of a lengthy relationship spanning 2000-20002. Definitely one of the sweetest gals I've ever dated.

Just received a random IM from some guy (which I thought for a moment was Kyle, playing a joke). Checked out the profile, and found out his interests include, well, um, to rephrase, performing certain lewd acts on in-shape, attractive, masculine guys. ROFL So I guess it's a good thing I didn't respond with my usual "Hey buddy." Anyway, after reading that, I closed out the box and ran like a frightened little girl. Hmmm, I hope the new picture on my AOL page doesn't make me look gay.

Daily funnies:
"I think the worst part of living at home would be not being able to invite chicks back to your place."
"Well, when you haven't had a date in two years, that isn't really a big problem." ROFL

(And this, while chatting with a 20 y.o. femme friend of mine)
Her: "I'm just ready to go back to work. I'm tired of sitting around my parents' house all day."
Me: "Well, you're young. At least you're not thirty."
Her: "What's wrong with being thirty?"
Me: "Nothing. I'm just saying if you were like thirty and didn't have a job."
Her: "Oh, yeah. That would be pretty sad."

I have no idea why I found that funny...

Oh, on the health front, I actually feel a little better today. Although I'm wondering if it's just a Nyquil hangover. Hopefully not. Boy, that Nyquil had me floating last night. Felt like I was back on the wobble weed for a minute there. What? ROFL Felt like Rush Limbaugh when he first gets home from the drug store. What?

"If we can't find a way out of these problems, then maybe we don't need this. Standing face to face, enemies at war, we build defenses, and secret hiding places..."

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