Thursday, February 05, 2004

Malodorous Emanation

Blogging away while somebody somewhere is wondering whatever happened to Ronald, Hamburglar, Grimace, and the Fry Guys... I loved those commercials.

This guy, sort of a rogue engineer, who does work for us from time to time came in this morning around 9:00. He REEKED of cigarette smoke!! (Maybe a little marijuana, too. I'm not sure.) I'm not even joking. I mean, it was the worst I had ever smelled. This room is not a tiny room either. But it was filled with his malodorous emanations. I tried to be polite, but my head started hurting so I went and got some lysol. I came back in the room and was like "Dude, you've been smokin' or something." He was like, "Not recently." I was like what the freak ever, man. I started spraying it all over the place. Even after that, later on, when one of the sales people came in, they could still smell the smoke.

Reminded me of this time in 7th grade when our teacher smelled something and traced it to this one boy's desk. She walked right over to the desk and started spraying Lysol in that distinct area, then sent him out in the hall. Kinda cruel, I guess. But funny, too. That was just B.O. right there. LOL Wow, these stories keep coming to me. One time I worked with a guy who always reeked of B.O. It was so bad, they passed around this sheet and made us sign it saying we would bathe with soap and water every day and use deodorant. LOL Wooooooooooooo!!!

Anywho, called the box office and ordered the WPBA tix today. Decided to try that route instead of ticketmaster, and avoid the $6.25 per ticket convenience charge. So, I think I saved about 40 bucks overall. However, this means we don't get the tickets until we arrive, which I'm not crazy about. I'd rather have them in my hands. Oh well. They wouldn't have a box office if they weren't competent... surely. LOL

In the overused words & phrases department:

Low-carb - Donato's is now making low-carb pizzas, with some kind of no-dough, protein-filled (plastic tasting... i added that) crust. Seems to me people just always want some quick starvation-type diet, instead of combining some sort of exercise routine with healthy meals. Now every restaurant is scrambling to add a low-carb section.

Hump day - Sick of hearing this fifty different times from everone on Wednesdays. It's just slightly overused. Played.... sooooo played.

Had frozen pizza for supper last night. It was good. First time I'd had frozen pizza since "the incident" at the lake house a couple of weeks ago. Wow, something was definitely wrong with that!

Wow, it's been raining pretty much non-stop since I woke up this morning. Looking forward to billiards tonight, the beginning of the weekly wind-down. It really gets my Friday-Sunday started off on the right foot.

"Gonna be some sweet sounds, comin' down, on the night shift. I bet you're singing proud. I bet you'll pull a crowd. Gonna be a long night. It's gonna be alright, on the night shift. You found another home. I know you're not alone, on the night shift..."

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