Thursday, February 12, 2004

Hey Shawty...'s my birthday.

Kinda taking a little bloggin' hiatus today. Lots of calls and IM's from folks. That's the best part about it all, to me. Not the gifts or anything. Just people thinking of you. It's just been really nice catching up with different folks. Really. Nice.

Tammy cooked me some chocolate oatmeal cookies and brought them this morning, along with a 20 ounce Mountain Dew. Mmmmm. I'm gonna be fat! Then the owners sent a chocolate cake, some chips and dip, and a six-pack of Mountain Dews. For some reason, people must think I like Mountain Dew. Again. I'm gonna be fat!

Had home-cooked pork chops, green beans, fried potatoes, and other stuff for lunch. Mmmmm! Had a nice conversation with Jess this morning as well. She just bought a house, and is moving in this weekend. Congratulations!

I must include this funny (this isn't about anyone in particular):
"What is the deal with him and Tammy, are they together?"
"No. ROFL He hasn't even called her since that weekend."

When people ask how old I am, and I tell them, I've gotten this response several times the past couple of days: "Oh really?! I didn't think you were that old!" Or "I thought you were 27 or 28." So, I'm not sure how to take that. I guess it's better than, "Oh wow, I thought you were like forty or something." LOL

"And I thought of all the bad luck, and the struggles we went through. How I lost me, and you lost you. What are these voices outside love's open door? Make us throw off our contentment, and beg for something more..."

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