Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Fat Tuesday

Well, on this day, I hearken back to the one time that I attended the Mardi Gras festival. Our experience was quite different from most, I'm sure. A rarity, to say the least. LOL And let's just leave it at that.

Still fighting a cold. Wanted to stay in bed sooooooo bad this morning. But I finally got up and went in, almost an hour late. Got to get well by this weekend. I think the stuffiness is messing with my mind. I park right next to the building here, facing the wall. I got in the truck a little while ago to run some errands and put it in first instead of reverse. I nearly plowed a hole in the wall of the building. LOL Wow, I need to be confined to a nursing home or something. Anyway, I think I'm passing on going out to eat tonight again. Need to get well. Oh yeah, and I forgot to get chicken noodle soup at the store. That was the main reason I was going. Geesh.

Saw Christy Hopkins at the grocery store. Wow, I haven't seen her in ages. She called me something I haven't been called in a long time.... No, nothing naughty. ROFL She was like "Is that J.T. Love?" Oh man, that was my nickname in high school, for reasons that will remain undisclosed here ;-) I guess it lingered for a few years afterward, because I worked with her like back in the day, 1993, 94, maybe. I dunno. She was always trying to fix me up with chicks. So she has a kid now, apparently. Anyway, let there be no doubt, if I haven't seen you in a long time, and then I see you... you're most likely going in the blog. Wooooooooooo!!!!

Hmmm, I probably shouldn't mention that nickname here, because I do not want it to be resurrected. I'm fine with Bone... or Little Nibbler... or JT.... or Human Jukebox... or Billiard Boy (thanks, Bunny... lol).

K, gonna have dinner with Kim, I think, and then watch the Bama game, and maybe a little of Super Millionaire. Sorry not more interesting. My mind doesn't seem to be real creative when I'm sick.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, sometime early this morning, celebrated my 3,000th visitor since moving my blog to blogspot October 29th. Wheeeeeeeee....

"It's what we did. It's who we were. She loved me and I loved her. I still do, and always will. I'll never feel the way she made me feel again..."

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