Monday, February 09, 2004

Grindin' away

Two hours into another 40-hour-week. I think I may have to work this Saturday, so that'll be more than 40. Actually watched a few minutes of the Grammy Awards last night. Was turning back and forth between that and "Black Sheep" (with Farley and Spade) on Comedy Central. MB20 didn't win anything. Then I sorta got disinterested when the awards went into their 20-minute funk tribute. What was up with that?

Bundled up, braved the cold and the wind, and went running yesterday afternoon. I seem to be getting more motivated to do that here lately. Had dinner at Applebees last night after church. Sat with Beth. She was like, "You better not order any beef." Cos the last two times I did, a burger and steak, they were way undercooked. So I got some wings and a Caesar's salad.

Been suckin' down Vitamin C drops, a la Jeanette Lee (see flashback below), to ward off any possible sickness. Kyle was coughing and wheezing the other night, and sounded like he was coming down with something. He said several people at band practice were spreading the love. lol So I quarantined myself from that for a couple of days.

/Flashback... February 2003... I have the worst cold I've had in a few years.

Saturday...inside the billiards arena - "Jeanette could I get a picture with you."
"Sure, let's do it outside." Outside, some other paparazzi are bothering her, and she says, "No, I believe these guys were first." So I put my arm around her, we pose, picture is snapped.

The following day, in the snack shop downstairs... sitting there eating some crap food, when we spot JL coming towards us. She speaks.

"You guys playing in the amateur tournament?"
"No, we're just here to observe... You look tired."
"Uh, I woke up this morning with a horrible cold. I don't know where I could have gotten it."
(I turn my head the other way) I don't know anything about that.
"Anyway, I've been sucking on Vitamin C drops all morning trying to get better."

/end Flashback

Another random funny... my aunt called Friday to ask what my work email address was. She was like, "Well sometimes I get stuff that I think you'd like. Are you a big email person or would you rather not be bothered?" ROFL I was like, "Eh, it doesn't matter. Just send it on." Woooooooooo!!!! Turns out it was the Captain Kangaroo/Mister Rogers hoax she was forwarding.

"Marry him or marry me. I'm the one that loves you baby can't you see. I ain't got no future or family tree. But I know what a prince and lover ought to be..."

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