Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Flashback, July 2003

For some reason this morning, I've been thinking about being on that bus from Jersey to NY. We're flying thru the Lincoln Tunnel at 75 mph, with cars on all sides, looking down at the cars, seeing them come within seemingly inches of us as we speed around curves. And we're all just sorta laughing, oooh'ing and aaah'ing like we're on some ride at an amusement park.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! I miss NY. I wanna be in Battery Park, reading the Daily News and eatin' a gyro.

Back to my scintillating life here in Nowhere, USA... Mom has gotten sicker... or more sick (whichever is correct). Her tests all came back negative, but it sounds to me like maybe strep has developed since she had the tests. I gave her some TheraFlu and Vitamin C drops yesterday. She's worse than me about not going to the doctor. Guess I came by that honestly.

The drive in this morning was quite eventful. I take a shortcut which is two-lane most of the way, so I almost always pass several cars. Well, there seemed to be an unusual amount of traffic in the other lane today, plus it was foggy, but with some quick decision-making, I still managed to pull off several passes with deft precision. I don't know why in the world anyone would want to drive to work going 45 or 50 miles per hour. Hmm, what did I say yesterday about being in a hurry? LOL Then, I had the moron who decided he didn't want to be passed and sped up to 75 when I was going around. But I made it around. No road rage.

Checked my credit card this morning. They finally charged it for the WPBA tix. I was beginning to get worried, since I ordered them Thursday. Looks like I saved at least forty bucks by not going thru Ticketmaster. Yay me!

Oh well, just about finished up laundry. Exciting! Got one more load to pull out of the dryer when I get home. Watched most of the Bama/Kentucky basketball game last night. I did get to see last week's "Friends." I haven't watched it all season, I don't think. But NBC reran last Thursday's ep last night. Pretty funny when Ross and Monica discover they actually kissed each other when they were in college.

Speakin' of Friends, Happy birthday to Jen today. Year after year, she continues to have the best hair of any female celebrity. LOL

Why do I love Spin Doctors so much, when they only really ever had two songs? LOL

"If you want to call me baby, just go ahead now. And if you'd like to tell me maybe, just go ahead now. If you want to buy me flowers, just go ahead now. And if you want to talk for hours, just go ahead now..."

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