Friday, February 06, 2004

Creme-filled Utopia

Got to work this morning and there was a note... "There are doughnuts for everyone, on my desk!!" Woooooooo!!! So as I walk in there, I'm thinking, "I hope they're not crap doughnuts." Oh no. They're fresh Krispy Kremes. An assortment. I'm eating a creme-filled now. Mmmmmmm. Those are my favorite. Doughnuts, AND it's Friday. Nice start to the day.

Recap of last night: Billiards + ABs = Relaxing way to unwind and kickoff the weekend.

Watched a bit of the Duke/UNC game last night when I got home. Duke won by 2 :-\ But it was a great game. "The Parking Garage" ep of Sein was on last night, a true "nothing" classic. Jerry gets arrested for urinating in the garage. then makes up his fake 'uromysitisis' poisoning. "Doctor's have told me that when I feel it, the best thing to do is just release it. Otherwise, I could die." ROFL

Oh, and the rain! Wow, it rained basically non-stop from like 2 or 3 AM Thursday until... well, actually it's still raining here. Supposed to stop today sometime though. I think a few schools closed today due to flooding. That's pretty rare around here. I like the rain, 'cept I stepped in a big puddle last night and soaked my New Balances.

I was thinking last night... I wish it was July and I was at Coney Island, eatin' a cheese dog from Nathan's and walkin' down the boardwalk... or somethin'.

"I don't need no backup plan. I don't want nobody. Nobody don't want me. I'm so sad, so lonely. Still I'm always landin' on my feet..."

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