Monday, February 02, 2004

Surrealism (It's not just incongruous paintings anymore...)

Now I probably watch less TV and definitely fewer movies than any non-Amish person in America, but we were flipping around last night and found this Surreal Life show. Have you seen this? Get this--it has Erik Estrada, Ron Jeremy, Tammy Faye Baker, some chick who used to be on Baywatch, some other chick I don't know, and Vanilla Ice! LOL It was actually pretty interesting. Many of you know how I despise so-called reality TV, but I think I may be hooked on this. I mean, how can you not like a show when Erik Estrada usually ends up being the voice of reason? Seriouslah. The thing is, I can never remember to watch shows, because there's usually something going on, or I'm busy or something around here. Oh well...

After church last night, went to a friend's to watch the Super Bowl on the gargantuan screen. LOL My thoughts...

The game was exciting, even if most average fans couldn't name more than 2 or 3 players on either team.

I thought overall, the commercials were not up to the usual standards this year. A few I can remember that I liked were the NFL "tomorrow" ad, which ends with Jerry Jones doing backflips, the Hendrix ad, and the best one I thought was the 7-Up Slam Dunk Contest. LOL That got the biggest laugh out of me, anyway.

As I think I said earlier, I wasn't sure who to pull for, but once the game started, I found myself rooting for Carolina, probably because of the whole underdog thing more than anything else.

The big scandal... JT and JJ at halftime. Well, I was like the only person there who thought I saw something odd. Apparently, no one else saw it. Anyway, I felt like Jerry in "The Pick"... ("Well I'm not sure and... correct me if I'm wrong. But I think I see... a nipple.") LOL

Here's hoping that little stunt gets MTV banned from producing the halftime show for a long, long time. Not because of the stunt, just because of the overall show. Isn't it the same every year? A few people singing half a song, a few dancers on stage, and a few thousand people on the field dancing and screaming. I'm just not sure the core audience for the Super Bowl is 13-17 year old teenagers, ya know? And if it is, why are they showing Janet Jackson's breast?

"I was workin' part-time at the five and dime. My boss was Mister McGee. He told me several times that he didn't like my kind. Cos I was a bit too leisurely..."

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