Friday, February 06, 2004

Long, Lost..... Something

So Shane sends out this story today.

Says he was looking online for a girl he went out with a time or two years ago. Turns out to be Misty Herring! I was like, "Dude you went out with her? I had her phone number!" I used to go up to the video store all the time and rent movies just to talk to her. ROFL Yes, it's true. I was crushin' on her for a couple of months--like ten years ago. She was a hottie. As Shane said, "I miss those days." ROFL

That led to a daily funny:
"Well at least she's still single. Although that really doesn't help you now, does it?" (pause) "Of course, I'm not sure how that helps me either." ROFL

"I could've written a play so sweet and so funny. Given old Mister Shakespeare a run for his money. Written the words to the prettiest tune, that would never leave a dry eye in the room. My only excuse for not doing enough... I was too busy being in love..."

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