Thursday, February 26, 2004

Nice ailerons!!!

Well, when I went to the store this morning for my mid-morning snack, there was like a red '99 Sunfire there with a huge jet-wing-spoiler on back. It was probably about 18 inches tall. The guy was getting in the car when I came out, and I was so tempted to say something like, "Little windy for flying today, eh buddy?" Tee hee.

Mom fixed me some homemade soup yesterday. So I warmed some of that up for dinner last night. Mmmmm. I'm feeling better today than I have all week. Still a bit stuffy.

Daily (sorta) funny:

J: "Man, I'm lovin' this site. It's like Spammers, except it's nothing but Seinfeld."
K: "Sounds like you've found heaven."

Last night when I got home from Bible study, I flipped on the TV, and there was a woman blowing bubbles with gum with her nose on Ripley's Believe It Or Not. She has the world record for a 16 inch bubble. I have just one question: Why? OK, maybe two questions. How do you get started doing that? Are you sitting there one day thinking, you know, blowing bubbles with my mouth is nice, but it would be much cooler, messier, and nastier if I used my disgusting nose? Then I start thinking, who in the world is watching this show right at this moment? I mean, if you are watching TV, most people have sixty, eighty, a hundred or more channels to choose from, so who is going to say, You know there's nothing else on, I'm gonna watch this woman blow bubbles out her nose? So, I turned it after about 30 seconds.

Back to the jet wing... I have recently discovered that I really enjoy driving--shifting, steering, braking, signaling, accelerating, passing, curves, etc. I enjoy having the radio on, and the windows down, if possible. I mean, I'm not wasteful. I don't go driving just to be driving. But when I have somewhere to go, I sometimes really enjoy it. It's an ever-developing skill, really. I think maybe I got burned out a couple of years ago with all those six-hour trips to the beach. But driving has become fun again. Maybe I should've been a race car driver. Hmmm. Of course, that can be dangerous. Hmm. Yeah, maybe I should've been. LOL What?

Well, this has been some of the most pointless rambling I may have ever done. Hope you enjoyed.

"But the choices that we make in life, we gotta live with, whether they're right or wrong... Well, I hear you got a new man now, and I hope he treats you good. And I hope he's doing for you all them little things, that I never could..."

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