Monday, February 09, 2004

New tires? Naaaah!!!

Blogging away while somebody somewhere is wondering if the correct plural form of Grammy is Grammies or Grammys, or if no one really knows, so they just say Grammy Awards...

Went out for my mid-morning snack. Now the gas pumps at the Shell station where I go to are the most difficult I have ever used to stop exactly on the dollar. Probably one out of every four or five times, I go to 10.01 or 15.01 or whatever. So I mentioned that to the blonde chick that is always working in there, and she said that a lot of people have that problem. Of course, it's no biggie since I usually get a snack, too, so it's not going to come out even anyway, or I pay with a check card.

Anyway, picked up a Dr. Pepper and bag of pretzels. Then noticed my tire was low again, so I checked the pressure and it was down to 21 psi. Now, if the gas pumps are a bit temperamental, the air machine is even more fickle. First of all, I think the hose has four leaks in it, and that is probably the main problem. Once I was getting air there, or thought I was, and when I checked the pressure, I had lost like 10 pounds. LOL So anyway, I finally got it up to around 30 and came back to work. Sure I could buy new tires, but where's the fun in that?

Did anyone see Seinfeld last night? "The Opera" was on, where Elaine's boyfriend turns out to be Crazy Joe Divola. LOL Well, he's stalking Jerry so Jerry is locking his apartment door. He and George are inside the apartment and you hear this loud thump at the door. Jerry goes to the door and is like, "Who is it?" Kramer is like, "It's me." So he opens the door and Kramer is on the floor. LOL He's like, "When did you start locking your door?" ROFL

"That's all that I need, yeah. Someone else to cling to. Someone I can lean on until I don't need to. Just stay all thru the night and in the morning let me down. That's all that I need, right now..."

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