Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Reeee-cuh-pit-u-la-shun time... come on!! Come on, let's recapitulate now...

My apologies to Kool and his gang...

I hate recapping event by event, but today was busy, so:
Picked Dad up from work. Went to have my new tires put on. Decided to test them out, so I stopped by DQ and got a chocolate dip cone, then drove down to the cemetery for a few minutes. After that, I did some visiting. Came home and went running. Took a shower. Went to the grocery store. Went to Jack's to pick up some dinner. Got home for the night around 8:30.

Something about the cemetery really clears my head. Does that make me weird? I dunno, it almost re-energizes me or something. Maybe it just reminds me of my roots, of what's really important, you know? It's not like I go there a lot, maybe a couple of times a year. There's something serene about it. And there always seems to be a breeze blowing when I'm there. I'm amazed at the speed of the passing of time.

I got a really good deal on my tires. It sure helps to know people, pretty much no matter what you're talking about. The last tires I bought were a little over $400, I think. These were less than half that. I basically got them at his cost. Talked to Jack tonight. He said the rest of the money for the Bama tickets is due by the end of April. I'm looking forward to having season tickets again.

The weather was wonderful today. I'm glad I got to spend a good bit of time outside. You know how certain songs make you think of certain things, people, or moments. Well, I heard this song today and it made me think of a good friend of mine... ROFL

"If you don't know me by now, you will never never never know me. Ooooooh..."

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