Saturday, March 13, 2004

Everybody Loves Ramen

That was one of the names of books I was looking at last night at BAM. Kyle was waiting to talk to some guy he knows who works there, so I was browsing the culinary section. Why do so many of those books have corny titles? Here are some others I can remember:

"Biker Billy's Hog-Wild-On-A-Harley Cookbook"
"Macho Nachos"
"Easy Bake Over Gourmet" (ding!)
And last but not least, "Intercourses" (I have no idea what that's about).

Anyway, recapping the past 24 hours or so: I went running yesterday. Showered and headed into town. Went to shoot some pool. Wow, I started off playing about as bad as I can ever remember playing. Got it going for the last two or three games though, and ended up winning 5 of 6. I have a lot to work on. Talked to Matt last night, trying to encourage him to go ahead and get a good, regulation table. LOL If he does, I'm sure I'll be over there all the time working on my game. After that, we ran by the mall. K wanted to see if Jen was working. It was a futile trip, as she wasn't there.

"Wow, you got her name already? I'm impressed."
"Well I assume that's her name. That's what's on her name tag." ROFL

Went to the bookstore after that. Was formally introduced to Elizabeth, a girl Kyle knows. She said I looked familiar. But we couldn't decide if/when we would've seen each other before.

"I worked at the mall, but that was a long time ago."
"Well, I've been around a long time."

Looked at a Billiards Digest for a bit, then noticed this absolutely gorgeous girl alone at the other end of the magazines, near the music section. So naturally, I walked over there and pretended to look at some music mags to try and get a conversation started. Anyway, can't go into great detail here. This is already getting long.

Stopped back by Applebees for some dinner. Jessica was coming out as I was coming in, and greeted me with a nice FSH. Holly, Jade, and Davina were there. Sat with Donna. She was cracking one-liners all night long. But again, this is a family blog. I had the appetizer sampler. Before I could order, Davina yelled out "Sub nachos for spin dip." I was like, "That is exactly why I love this place. My girls know just what I like." LOL The Alabama/Florida game was on, so I ended up watching the whole thing. It was exciting and went into overtime. By the end of the game, almost everyone in there was watching it. Unfortunately, Bama lost on a last second shot.

Random humorous (or disturbing) quote of the day:
"35-14 is a football score. It's not the ages of two people that should be dating."

K, well that's about it. I got nearly ten hours of sleep last night. Went to bed a little after 1:00 and woke up around 11. That was much, much needed. Sitting here at work now, until 6. Trying to decide whether or not to meet Amy at 7 for their little weekly get-together thing. I'll probably go. It'll be something different, at least.

"Now I'm lookin' at a flashback Sunday. Zoom lens feeling just won't disappear. Close-up, darkroom sweet talk in my ear. Her hotspot love for me is strong. This freeze-frame moment can't be wrong..."

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