Monday, March 01, 2004

A blogging slump...

That's what I think I'm undergoing. It's 50% having been sick last week, 50% having more work to do at work, and 50% being out of town. I dunno, I guess most every experienced blogger has gone thru it. No biggie. Another thing is, seeing Bobbie Friday night just really affected me. You wouldn't think so after all this time. I dunno. It's weird. I was talking to Shane today. He was all like, "So what can I do to help get you two back together?" My friends are great. lol

Anyhow, I think I've decided to post a succinct recap of the WPBA trip. I'm sure Kyle will post the unedited, unauthorized, uncensored version on his website, and I'll contribute to that. lol

Took a two-hour nap this afternoon. After getting in bed at 4:00 AM, 3:00 AM, and 1:00 AM the past four nights, I needed it. I've been watching this Natalie Wood movie on ABC tonight. I've always been smitten with her. I didn't even know it was coming on. Just happened to flip past it. Finally, something decent to watch on TV. You know what I never understood is why they couldn't air that Ronald Reagan movie. I don't see the big deal. He obviously wasn't perfect. Big deal. I think it would be interesting. It's good to see the human side of people. But all of a sudden, you can't say anything bad about a former leader. What, is this Cuba or Nazi Germany or something all of a sudden?

In other news, the what-for-casters predicted showers and thunderstorms today. We got a few drops of rain. Good job, guys! That meteorology degree is really paying off big-time.

I've decided to take off Thursday and go to the hospital for Dad's surgery. Ideally, he'll only be in there for three days. He'll have a lot of rehab to do at home, but at least it's not an hour away, like the hospital.

I'll try to do the WPBA recap a little later, tonight or tomorrow. It's March, people. It's freakin' March!!! Where does the time go? National Frozen Food Month, by the way. I have contributed more than my fair share to the frozen food industry over the years. LOL

"All I need is one more chance to prove my love for you. I tried my best to live without you. You hold the power in your hands. You and only you, can make these broken dreams come true..."

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