Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Are you lonely?


I wish I was makin' this up. If you spend a lot of time at russianbrides.com (you know who you are... LOL), why not meet a good American girl? Well, maybe "good" is not the right word. Well, I guess I'll be busy for a couple of hours. What?

Think of the advantages, as ennumerated by one George Louis Costanza: I know where she is all the time. I have relatively no competition. And you know how you live in fear of the pop-in? No pop-in. No "I was in the neighborhood." No "I saw your light was on."


"Girls! All I really want is girls. And in the morning it's girls. Cos in the evening it's girls. I like the way that they walk. And it's chill to hear them talk. And I can always make them smile, from White Castle to the Nile..."

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