Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Apply aloe liberally

As I sit here drinking a Capri-Sun upside-down (because I dropped it and a tiny hole appeared in the bottom), my face looks like the dry, cracked, sun-baked surface of a barren desert.

Bracketology... Well, 8 of my Sweet 16 picks made it... Alabama, Georgia Tech, St. Joe's, Duke, Oklahoma State, Pitt, UConn, and Xavier. Where do I go from here? Since two of my Final Four are gone (Kentucky and North Carolina), I think I will revise my Final Four picks. lol Is that allowed? So, in addition to UConn and Pitt, who I originally picked, I'll go with Duke and Kansas. And I like UConn to win it all now.

Today's morning funny comes from an unlikely source, Lil Booty in Virginia. She and Kyle have been emailing back and forth about the pics at the top of his blog, with her commenting that he has on the same shirt in several photos. And in describing what pictures she was talking about, she uncorked this little gem:

"At the top of your blog page, you have all of those pictures of random people with you that you are making look like are your friends." ROFL Oh man, that is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time, my friends. WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! That's gold, Jerry! Gold!

"Girl, your leavin' woke me up. Got a handle on life, now I'm workin' on love. I've come a long way from the man you left. I don't run around. I don't lie to myself. If you care anymore, I don't love you any less. I'm just bringing you up to date on a fool's progress..."

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