Monday, March 22, 2004

"I can't believe she left without saying goodbye."

That was a line K used the other night, to which I remarked, "That sounds like a song."

Good ol' Alabama weather... got blistered Saturday sitting out in the sun. This morning was cold and windy, I should've wore my boggan. That would be funny, wearing a boggan with a sunburn. I like it though. It's an adventure.

Ordered pizza for lunch today, from Dominos. I think the worst part of being a pizza delivery person would be that your car would smell like pizza all the time. That's really not conducive to a romantic mood on a date.

Spin cycle... did laundry today, a day early. I think I'm going to get tires put on my truck tomorrow after work. Talked to Shane about coming up to Belmont for the celebrity basketball game and concert tonight, but I opted to stay here. Too many hot chicks up there anyway. What? No, seriously, I figured I'd be getting in at 12:30 at earliest, probably later, and just didn't wanna put myself thru another night of 4 hours sleep.

Daily funny flashback:
K: "Run! There's girls everywhere!" ROFL

"The feeling's gone. There's nothing left to lift me up, back into the world I've known. Cos now again I've found myself, so far down, away from the sun, that shines into the darkest place. I'm so far down, away from the sun again..."

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