Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Observing the world while watching for falling prices... (amended)

Finally, I come up with a decent blog entry title. LOL You know, it's amazing the wide range of people that come into Wal-Mart, people from all walks of life. If Hemingway were alive today, he would probably spend hours writing and observing in Wal-Mart, instead of some quaint cafe in France... er, maybe not. Nevertheless, you can get a decent overview of our society just by spending some time inside Wal-Mart.

So that's where I went yesterday, and as I approach the door, there is this elderly lady out in the front vestibule there, standing behind an empty buggy, and she's looking at me like she knows me. So as I reach the door, she says in a rather loud tone, "You know, all these years I thought this was a grocery store." (Note here: This is not a Supercenter, but a regular "old" Wal-Mart.) So I stood there for a minute and listened to her. I told her there was a grocery store next door. I think she knew that most Wal-Marts had groceries as well, but just didn't realize that this particular one was not a Supercenter. Anyway, other people were just passing by. She was almost yelling, you know. It was kinda sad. I felt bad. See, what would be really great right about here was if I said, "Then I realized that I did know her. It was my grandmother." Or something like that. Anyway, I never figured out why she was just standing behind an empty buggy. (Buggy... that's a funny word.)

As I ventured inside and began to browse the aisles for the items I needed, I noticed a rather large section of "home" dental products. I'm talking periodontal probes, some high-tech-looking teeth cleaner, temporary fillings, etc. Basically everything but a drill and anesthetic. It scares me to think that someone buys and uses one of those long, sharp, metal probes. Yikes! So what's next, are people going to start "home dental-ing" their children?

When I was at the checkout, I saw this hottie on her way out without purchasing anything. I was like, hurry up lady!! Such exquisite beauty. I was hoping for a parking lot rendezvous. But alas, it was not to be. Perhaps our paths will cross again someday. LOL

Found out yesterday that we have to leave at 5:30 in the morning. So I won't be getting any more sleep than if I had to work. Of course, that is quite unimportant, considering.

"But will I hold you again? Your fickle, fuddled words confuse me. Like will it rain today? Wasted hours with talking, talking. These twisted games we're playing..."

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