Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Just-a Good Ol' Boys

Dukes Of Hazzard First Season Coming To DVD

Yeeeeeeehaw!!! (insert Dixie car horn audio here) I really did like that show. I guess one reason is because it was unique. Of course, once Coy and Vance replaced Bo and Luke, that was it. It was never the same. I used to have the little miniature hot wheels General Lee and Daisy's Jeep and Boss Hogg's convertible and the sheriff's patrol car. LOL Seriouslah. I guess that should've been a segment of More About Bone Than You Wanted To Know.

If you can't wait until June 1, check out Cooter's Museum.

"Once upon a time, once when you were mine. I remember skies, reflected in your eyes. I wonder where you are. I wonder if you think about me. Once upon a time, in your wildest dreams..."

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