Friday, March 05, 2004

Flirting with waitresses, the Tacoma Narrows bridge, and other major disasters...

I was at the hospital yesterday from 6:30 until about 5:00. My sister and I left for a little bit to get some lunch. As I said, everything went well. Dad wasn't put under. He had spinal anesthesia or something, where the lower half of his body was numbed. It was weird, because he said he could hear them sawing and hammering. Ewwwugghh! Planning to head back over there right after work today. They said I could take off again today, but I just had too much to get done for the weekend really, and I would've had to be on the phone for awhile explaining how to do what had to be done.

K called as we were leaving the hospital yesterday, so once I got home, I headed back to D-town to shoot some pool. Played pretty well. One of my biggest problems is not being consistent on my setup and execution of every single shot. I don't "get down" over every shot, and I lose concentration easily. Also, playing on that cloth up there is almost like having no cloth at all. LOL

K had the analogy of the night, as he was trying to bridge for a lengthy shot, which he missed: "Man, that bridge was about as shaky as the Tacoma Narrows." ROFL Anytime you can work TN into a conversation, it's got to be quality stuff.

Headed to Applebees after that to eat some dinner. Sat with Donna. Had the chicken quesadillas, since they were half-price. Jessica, Charity, and Holly were all working. Yes, Holly, aka Holly H---. Hmm. Well, I can't really give her nickname. Some hot blonde from Logan's was up there and started talking to me. I was like zoned out though, from being so tired. She was on her cell phone at one point and was like, "Do you want me to meet you somewhere?" She looked at me, and I nodded yes. ROFL Man, I was zoned out yesterday though, from being so tired. I was trying to type an email last night and kept transposing letters in every third word.

I did talk to Donna about possibly volunteering to serve the next time they have a tips for charity night. I think that would be cool, and she seemed to think it would be fine. She said most everyone would recognize me anyway. LOL Besides, I've been mistaken for an employee on more than one occasion. I have got to work on being more charitable and less selfish.

Celebrity sightings from the hospital:
Keanu Reeves
Danny Shirley
Darryl Worley
Mister Kruger (from Seinfeld)

"Gimme a ticket for aeroplane. Ain't got time to take a fast train. Lonely days are gone. I'm a-goin' home. My baby just wrote me a letter..."

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