Thursday, March 25, 2004

Keep your feet on the ground...

...and keep reaching for the stars. It was always a little sad when Casey Kasem said that, because you knew American Top Forty was over for another week. "AT40 is heard every week on great radio stations like Kiss 102.7, KISS-FM, Los Angeles; The Duke, 104.7 FM, KDUK, in Eugene, Oregon; and on Fly 92.3, WFLY-FM, Albany, New York. And now we're up to this week's long distance request and dedication. It's from a man in Pennsylvania to the love he let slip away. Dear Casey..." ROFL

Looks like there will be some star gazing going on this week. Five planets viewable to the naked eye. Wow, that's like almost half the planets. Oh wait. What? Here's another story about that.

I went by to get Dad and me some dinner before church last night and we are sitting there eating, and Fox news is on, because he always watches that. Anyway, they're doing a story on the Kobe Bryant trial. Well, see, Dad isn't big on sports, so they say something about Bryant having a game last night for the Lakers, and this conversation ensues:

"You mean he's still playing basketball?"
"Yep, he's played the whole year."
"Well, that's ridiculous."

Went by to see my sister for a bit. We watched the end of "Urban Cowboy." Wow, that's an old movie. I'm not sure if I've ever seen the whole thing. If I have, it was a long time ago. It was pretty good, though... Bud and Sissy, and Wes Hightower. lol

Random quote: "I don't have dandruff. That's my skin!"

And before we leave you today, it's time for one of our most popular features here on Bone's Blog, More About Bone Than You Wanted To Know: I took swimming lessons one time when I was little. They made us put our heads underwater. Water got up my nose and I started crying, and I never went back for another lesson. And that's More About Bone Than You Wanted To Know.

" Casey, could you please play Hello, by Lionel Richie, for Amanda? Steve, here's your long distance request and dedication..."

"Cos I wonder where you are, and I wonder what you do. Are you somewhere feeling lonely, or is someone loving you? Tell me how to win your heart, for I haven't got a clue. But let me start by saying, I love you..."

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