Monday, March 22, 2004

National Goof-Off Day

Today is National Goof-Off Day... 39% of guys ages 18-34 like to play video games to goof off, just beating out the 36% who said surfing the internet. That's a little scary... I guess.

Ate dinner at Logan's last night with some people from church... Michelle, Amelia, and her mom. It was decent. I love their house salad. Overall though, the menu is a bit limited and their steaks aren't really that great, considering that's supposed to be their specialty.

The end of an era? Could be. I stopped on my way home last night and aired up my left rear tire for what could be the final time. Looks like I'll be breakin' down and getting new tires this week. It was sad, as I sat there with air hose in hand, inflating the tire with much-needed air, I was thinking... "Dead, dead dead, some day we'll all be dead." What?

Watched basketball yesterday. UAB beat Kentucky. Yes!! Man, I had only seen UAB once this year, part of their game against DePaul. They are really an exciting team to watch. Watched a small bit of the NASCAR race yesterday. About 5 or 6 years ago, I would rarely miss a race. But lately, it's become a lot less interesting to me for some reason. Maybe it's all the rules changes. There's also almost always some controversy where NASCAR appears to be favoring one driver or something. I dunno, the races have just generally been unexciting. I think another part of it is that there's more parity now. To me, that's less interesting. I always thought professional sports were better with a few dominant teams or players, and those remaining pretty consistent from year-to-year. Maybe it's just me. I mean, to me, the NFL was better when Dallas and the 49ers were playing most every year for the NFC championship. Now, any Tom, Dick, and Harry can win with a couple of great players and a good coach. I think baseball is better with the Yankees being rather dominant over the past ten years. It's better to me when fans have that one person or team they love to hate, or at least when there's a big rivalry.. Lakers/Celtics, Cowboys/49ers, Ali/Frazier, Gordon/Earnhardt, etc.

Oftentimes I get people trying to chat with me, and I just love to mess with them. I had to share this one:

Her: hi studd
Me: hey
Her: i like your picture on your homepage
Me: thanks
Her: 25/f/alabama
Me: 12/m
Her: You're twelve?
Me: yes, that is my brother's picture. do you wanna meet
Her: hmmm your brother doesnt look to be twelve
Me: no, he is older than me
Me: iM gOnNa Be At ThE mAlL tOnIgHt

Me: how do I know you're 25?
Her: ask me a question and I'll prove it
Me: what's your favorite brand of jeans?
Her: L.E.I.
Me: LEI is wrong!


"After all this time, I still miss you every day. The same world spins 'round. I guess some things never change. Sometimes I go out, but it never feels the same. I still look for you. Baby, some things never change..."

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