Friday, March 26, 2004

Elite 8

Wow, I cannot believe it. Bama is in the Elite 8!! 80-71 over the defending national champs! Went over to Dave's last night to watch the game. They simply played about as well as they could play. 22 assists and 9 turnovers. That is outstanding. The offensive execution was the best I have ever seen from Alabama--crisp passing, quick decisions, got good shots, broke the press fairly well. They deserved to win that game. I thought we defended pretty well, too, especially in the second half. UConn is up next. They have really shown no weaknesses thusfar. But I think we'll give them a good game. We're a pretty good shooting team with nothing to lose, and as has been proven, that can be dangerous. We weren't even supposed to make it this far.

Anyway, yesterday was pretty busy. I went by Jessica's after work, then went to shoot pool with Kyle for about an hour. Rob and Julie Kelly were working, as usual. Man, I was really playing well yesterday, hitting all kinds of shots, and playing pretty good position. I wish I could play that well all the time. After that, I headed over to Dave's. We ordered pizza and watched the game. I ended up getting home a little after 1:00 :-\ So I'm on about 4 hours sleep today. Wheeee!!! Man, their house is super nice! All the rooms are really roomy and he has a sweet office up over the garage. They have two beautiful black labs. Awww, I wub the sweet widdle puppies. His wife got home about 10:00 or so, I think. She is really sweet. (I guess sweet is my word o' the day) They seem to have a great relationship, something similar to what I hope to have one day. I mean, remember we're partners, we're on the same team, and don't take out your frustrations from work and other parts of your day on your spouse. Anyway, I'm proud of, and happy for my friend. Now, where did I lay that noose? What?

No Friday Five today. They're gettin' lazy over there. Maybe I should make my own five questions. Tune in tomorrow when we'll ponder "Which was the better trapper: Trapper John MD or Trapper Keeper?"

"I hear your name in certain circles, and it always makes me smile. I spend my time, thinking about you, and it's almost driving me wild. And there's a heart that's breakin' down this long-distance line tonight. I ain't missin' you at all..."

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