Thursday, March 11, 2004

Ameliorated Material

Here's some old material I reworked...

Dating someone is a lot like getting a new car. Everything is great for the first few months. Then little problems start to pop up. Usually nothing major, but just enough to annoy you. Then, after a couple of years, you start noticing other cars, wishing you had something newer, faster, a little more sleek. So inevitably, you must decide whether to trade or stick with the old car for the long haul. There's lots to be said for the old car. You're familiar with it. You're used to driving it. Plus, you've got a lot invested in it already. Of course, I usually end up trading, then regretting it later. Either that, or the old car breaks down and leaves me stranded on the side of the road. Oh well, it's just a car. What?

"You're a Sunday school teacher, got the PTA. Got a real good life. You're a real good wife. I'm livin' in this circus world. No, I ain't married but I got a girl. And I'm her man. We're makin' plans. But I still smile when I think of us. Together we learned how to love..."

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